What we offer: LKJ Financial currently works with over 600 educators in school districts including Houston ISD, Cy-Fair ISD, Fort Bend ISD, Galveston ISD, Conroe ISD, Katy ISD and many others.

We know how TRS (Teacher Retirement System) works. In addition to helping educators with their retirement planning and 403(b) accounts, we spend one-on-one time with each teacher, discussing how to maximize TRS benefits. We offer educators ongoing advice, paycheck analyses, tax analyses, debt analyses and retirement analyses at no charge.

2016 Plan Contribution Limits
Plan 2016 Limit
403(b), 401(k), 457(b) and SAR-SEP Plans Elective Deferral Limit
PLUS: Age 50 & Over Catch-Up
PLUS: 403(b) Service-Based Catch-Up for 15+ years with Employer
Roth/Traditional IRA
PLUS: Age 50 & Over Catch-Up
SIMPLE Plan Elective Deferral Limit
PLUS: Age 50 & Over Catch-Up
Defined Contribution Participant Maximum Contribution
Maximum Annual Compensation Used to Determine Contribution for Most Plans

Trying it on for size: what plan is the best fit for you or your educators?

General info: Educators K-12 can use a 403(b) for a variety of needs – retirement being the ultimate goal – including debt elimination, funding major purchases, education and of course tax reduction. University level educators have more restrictions as to plans, but still have access to a 403(b).
Options within 403(b): Managed portfolios of mutual funds and/or a variety of annuities. We will walk through the options available to find the strategy that best fits your goals and risk tolerance.
Tax treatment: With a traditional 403(b), any pre-tax salary deferrals lower annual taxable income. At age 59 1/2, an individual can withdrew retirement funds without an IRS penalty, and will pay taxes on distributions at that time. Roth 403(b) contributions are made with after tax dollars; at age 59 1/2, distributions – including principal and any growth – are tax-free.
Loans: Allow teachers, young or old, to access 403(b) retirement accounts if necessary for loans. Based on the provider and the rules of your school district, you may be able to borrow up to 50% of your 403(b) account value at either a low net loan interest, or 0% loan interest. Interest rates and loan provisions vary.

Note: Before investing in any mutual fund carefully read the prospectus(es) which contain information about investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information all of which should be carefully considered before investing. For current prospectus(es) call (866) 509-2238. Investing involves risk. The investment return and principal value will fluctuate and, when redeemed, the investment may be worth more or less than the original purchase price. Mutual funds and money market funds are not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Asset allocation or the use of an investment advisor cannot guarantee a profit nor ensure against loss.